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The Tessa Foundation is devoted to furthering human rights for people challenged by oppression, disability, hunger, and abuse.


What We Do

In many cultures and countries, a man's self confidence is based in the systematic oppression of women. We The Tessa Foundation want to support and educate men on the value of women and the values of themselves in the areas of emotional and mental well being, maturity, and self expression as well as self understanding and confidence, so that we may move to a peaceful tomorrow.

rescued lives

How will we accomplish?
We want to teach

By realizing one compassionate act at a time, The Tessa Foundation practices global, cultural, and cross-generational awareness through service and justice. For 2019 and 2020 we aspire to help adults and children learn emotional readiness, mental well-being, and self-confidence.

"People working for people that is what we are. We will be seen as people and will do no less for those we serve." ~ Teyannih Nomi Currier, Intern

PowellChristopher Powell

My motto: Give back, love more, and serve others

I am the founder of the social project called, "Uplift One, Raise Together.” One compassionate act at a time can change the world.

My services: Holistic Chiropractic, Kundalini Yoga, Wellness Educator, Volunteer Firefighter

In times of overwhelming social injustice, dis-ease, disconnection and despair, I choose to assist in  transforming and awakening our abilities and virtues.

A big vision with daily small actions can makes a difference. Let me quote  Mother Teresa: “Not all off us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."

YoungTess Yong Kim

My motto: Empower the disempowered underserved Native communities of New Mexico

I am a licensed mental health counselor. I am therapist in physical self expression as a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Therapist, and Improvisational Dancer. I am a healing guide because of my experiences of intergenerational trauma, addiction, sexual violence, discrimination, injustice, PTSD, severe depression and anxiety.


TadforCecillia Tadfor

My motto: The circumstances of  disability does not define a person. You are defined by your attitude in regard to your experiences and history.

I was born in West Africa and moved to Santa Fe 27 years ago. I have been happy to call Santa Fe my home all these years. I am the founder of The Ceci Tchakounte Tadfor Foundation (C.T.T.F.), a non-profit foundation to educate, support and empower people with physical disabilities, and to stop sex trafficking in Cameroon. I feel a moral duty to give back to my birth place with the same support I’ve felt here in Santa Fe.

I run a food blog, cecisafricankitchen.com, hosting a variety of cooking workshops where the saying goes: “One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ~Virginia Wolf

PraterKristena Prater

My motto: Sufficiency rather than excess; changing adversity into advantage and tragedy into triumph

I am an advocate for people dealing with grief, loss, mental challenges, and disability. As a practicing Death Doula, I provide emotional support to all people involved in the circumstances.

I am a mentor in the strategy of life-mapping. I assist in developing self-advocacy solutions through healthy home environments, favorable business conditions, interpersonal relationship, and self-reliance. I have developed a technique called “Chayo Movement” that helps balance the body, mind, and heart, allowing for distilled personal reform by stimulating positive results.

CarrilloMaricela Carrillo

My motto: Tough times don't last forever but strong people do, for they always turn their hardships into lessons.

I’ve been a caregiver since the age of 18, a natural born curandera, using a mix of physical therapy, essential oils, massage in nerve-regeneration and assisted stretching with a history of supporting paraplegics. I am a single mother of three boys and know whats its like to be in tough situations and want to give back.

I’ve been working with the Tessa Foundation for 6 year as a volunteer and a recipient. I am a support agent to its inner happenings and intend to continue supporting the foundation and its decisions in a more active role.