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The Tessa Foundation is devoted to furthering human rights for people challenged by oppression, disability, hunger, and abuse.



child abuseHuman Trafficking

"On the border between India and Nepal, one of the most widespread tragedies of the human condition is the business of human trafficking." ~Kristena Prater

During her high school years, Tessa studied cultures and religions and found herself drawn toward Buddhism as a moral and spiritual discipline. She went to India, then trekked through the Tibetan Plateau and traveled into Nepal. She was shocked to find that Buddhism and Hinduism were not a protective shield against the widespread tragedy of human trafficking.

For the past decade we have been furthering connections begun by Tessa in both Nepal and India to facilitate the rescue, safe travel, and homes for individuals sold into this harrowing enterprise. Since 2008, the foundation has been able to assist in rescuing 22 girls, ranging in age from 13 to 20. When the girls are rescued, they are moved to a safe place where they recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They are given the opportunity to experience life with compassion and set goals for their individual futures.

rescued lives 2Service Journeys

The Tessa  Foundation organizes service journeys to many third world countries to help overcome the challenges to education, creativity, and sustainability by utilizing teams of people with medical, intellectual and artistic background.