Our Team

  • Kristena Prater, Board of Directors Chairwoman, Executive Director and Founder
Pictured left to right: Belinda Sanchez, Mary Winterdorn, Michael Brockwell, Molly Levy, Kristena Prater, Devin Burke, Maricela Carrillo, Tom Emerson, Donna Bella Litton


  • Radisha
  • Maricela Carrillo
  • Molly Levy
  • Donna Bella Litton, Assistant to the Tessa Foundation
  • Diane Miller
  • Diane Risch, Consultant
  • Belinda Sanchez
  • Wendy Wilkerson, Graphics/Website Designer

“Youth are the largest resource we have…”

The Tessa Horan Foundation would like to give a special thanks to those volunteers who have put in their hard work, patience, expertise and donations into making the foundation what it is today. Without them this effort wouldn’t be possible.

Tessa Foundation team members, Tesuque, NM

A special thanks to the McDowell Family who had the foresight to start a memorial fund in Tessa’s honor that made building The Tessa Horan Library in Tonga possible. Our deepest gratitude to Lehigh Shepard and Tessa’s colleagues from the ski patrol who have put in countless hours volunteering at our flagship Tessa Garden in Santa Fe. Thank you to the Clemens family for donating land in Tesuque (NM) for another Tessa Garden, and to Jane McKay who headed up that project. Thank you to Alexandria Wettstein, a close friend of Tessa’s family, who designed and coordinated our garden in Carbondale (CO), the largest Tessa Garden to date. Thank you to all the Peace Corps volunteers who continue to give their time to building, maintaining and focusing on initiatives in Tu’anuku. It is because of all the help and support that the Tessa Horan Foundation is able to continue its mission of aiding communities and empowering others.


Tessa Horan Foundation
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