Our Commitment

Our commitment are rooted in the acronym of TESSA:

  • Teach                                                                   
  • Envision
  • Sustain
  • Serve
  • Advance

We continue Tessa’s work in the places that mattered most to her, serving in New Mexico, the Kingdom of Tonga, Nepal and India.

Having seen first hand the desperate circumstances of women and children in Nepal and India, as well as the rewards of helping even a few escape those circumstances and begin to build new lives, we are committed to an ongoing relationship with The Women’s Foundation Nepal and the Chhahari House. Nearing our ten year anniversary, we have forged strong relationships with both and will organize service journeys annually.

We will continue to further paraplegic advocacy and education in New Mexico.

We will continue to provide funds to maintain and improve the Tessa Library in the village of Tu’anuku in the Kingdom of Tonga as well as give logistic support to the village members and the Peace Corps volunteers serving there.

The U.S. Forest Service has marked a trail in Carson National Forest above Santa Fe as a dedication to the memory of Tessa. Alamos Vista Trail #381 (numbered after her birthday in March of 1981) is maintained by the Foundation and is frequented by many hikers, many of which are family and friends of Tessa.

We will have another great community garden in Santa Fe this year.

We will follow our hearts, wherever they lead.


Tessa Horan Foundation
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